How To Increase Blog Traffic Part 1

Do you constantly check your blog/website stats and wonder when the numbers will go up?

Are you feeling annoyed that your stats are low, despite creating meaningful content, and consistently posting?

Sadly, it happens more than often. People with quality content and consistent posting seem to lack the numbers. It’s not a matter of ‘why’, rather its a matter of ‘how’.

In this 2 part blog post, I shall be offering simple and easy to apply tips to increase your blog traffic.

Of course for many content creators, the goal should be specific, targeted traffic that will convert into leads and sales. Increasing your blog or website traffic while helpful may not necessarily turn into something effective. It’s great that you want more readers, but once you get them, what is your goal? Do you want them to read your blog? Do you want them to buy your courses, your products, or subscribe to your paid newsletters?

Select a specific, single goal at a time and work towards it. That would give you better results instead of generic approaches like ‘I want 500 followers.’

Below, I list certain approaches that can increase your blog traffic by 200% if followed and applied efficiently.


For bloggers, content still remains king. The first trick is to pick a topic people are talking about or are interested in. For example, the first US Presidential debate took place a few weeks ago between President Trump and Joe Biden. After visiting Google Trends, I realized that people were searching actively for it all over the world. How could I use that to my benefit?

I wrote a blog post titled, 3 Things Creators Can Learn From the US Presidential Debate and the traffic did increase! I connected a trending, relevant topic to something that I am experienced in. You can also increase your reach and improve traffic by using tools such as Google Trends, SEMrush where you may be able to gauge how much traffic certain keywords can bring in. These tools are necessary for businesses and blogs to work effectively in 2020.

Remember, your topic needs to match the keywords and vice versa. You can’t use certain topics or trending keywords as clickbait. It will cause a loss of trust and annoy your regular readers. Pick and plan content that fits your goals and strategy in the long run.


Nearly 80% of people don’t even read a blog post is the headline is poor or ineffective.

The wrong headline can make the best-written blog go ignored. Your headline is your hook, your gateway to the material, and the promise that your blog will deliver. A good headline needs to have certain characteristics-

  • Answer a Question- Is this something your audience will be interested in? Does it meet a specific need of theirs?
  • Meet a Goal- Your headline is an indicator that you will be able to assist the audience, the readers to meet a goal, find a solution, and reach a decision. If it fails to do that, then your headline can feel like a lie or clickbait to your readers.
  • Be Specific- If your post is about doing the Keto diet, then your headline has to refer to that or use your keyword. A generic or poorly worded headline can cause readers to shut the blog before even reading a word.

You can use tools such as Blog Title Generator to create headlines and titles that attract readers and boost traffic.


As a blogger or content creator, you have to stay updated and aware of trends, ideas, and news. Monitoring trends and analyzing news will give you sufficient information to work with and create attractive content. What is the latest in your industry?

Suppose you are a fitness blogger, then using a new diet or fad and posting your view or opinion on it can definitely attract viewers and readers from all corners of the world.


Connecting your material to other links or blogs out there can improve your audience reach, prove your facts, and provide credibility. When you link to other blogs or websites, you are offering a chance for viewers from that blog to learn about you and direct your audience to another source as well.

Linking to websites like Amazon also offers a chance to be found organically and feature in prominent searches if you word your links effectively.


Many bloggers think they have to write something new all the time. That’s not true. You can do so much with your existing content bank.

Audiences prefer different mediums of learning or engagement. If your content is mostly written, creating a video or gallery can ensure you reach a new audience, one that is more visual. Infographics, slideshows also increase the possibility of attracting newer audiences and improving traffic to your blog. You can even make a podcast of your existing posts or interview a fellow blogger and publish it to attract people who prefer audio links.

The sky is the limit if you want to repurpose your content.

In the next part, I will discuss other techniques to improve traffic to your blog. The art is super simple and effective if applied smartly.

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