3 Things Creators can learn from the US Presidential Debate

US Election year is here and it’s just one of the many, many bizarre and chaotic things happening in 2020. The first presidential debate took place recently between President Trump and Joe Biden. What a holy mess it was!

Politics and socio-cultural implications aside, there are so many things writers, entrepreneurs, and creators can learn from the US Presidential debate. The countdown to one of the biggest political elections in the world allows a fair, open platform for both candidates to air their views and opinions. It is a great initiative for the audiences and voters to understand their candidates better and gain an insight into their workings.

What are the 3 key takeaways creators can take from the US Presidential Debate between President Trump and Joe Biden?

Know Your Audience-

President Trump has been known for vitriol, baseless allegations, and a hate-filled rhetoric that can annoy voters. He made the mistake of underestimating them in the debate and continued to rant about China, ‘they cheat’, without clarifying who ‘they’ are, and about antifa.

As a creator, you have to know your audience. Are they understanding your message? Or are they irritated by it? A poll conducted post the debate by CBS indicated that 69% of watchers were ANNOYED by the debate. Both Biden and Trump dismissed the audience and engaged in whataboutery.

If you are a creator, blogger, or entrepreneur, remember to engage your audiences and be authentic. How you share your message sometimes is more important than the message being shared.

Know What You Are Talking About-

“It’s hard to get a word in with this clown,” Biden said. “Excuse me, I mean, this President.”

Joe Biden

President Trump constantly interrupted Biden, leading him to become frustrated and use personal remarks. The debate moderator and audience believed that the interruptions were proving destructive to the fabric of the debate. So, what can we learn from here?

No reader or audience wants to follow somebody who creates opinions and facts out of thin air. President Trump continued to rant baseless theories about voting fraud, despite overwhelming evidence that there is no ongoing voter or election fraud. This caused audiences to feel distrust and confusion about their candidate.

BACK YOUR FACTS UP. If you have a blog about fitness, convince your audiences you know what you are talking about. You are qualified to talk about fitness because you have a degree, education, experience, certification, or knowledge gained extensively through personal interactions. Your readers and audiences are more inclined to believe in you if you support yourself and have conviction.

Know Your Opponent-

Entrepreneurs should be aware of their industry, have knowledge of their rivals, and capitalize on their weaknesses to build their community.

A series of reports were published over the last week alleging that Trump has paid as little as $750 in taxes, which caused rising anger among voters and an economy suffering under the global pandemic. Capitalizing on this, Biden released his 2019 tax returns in a bid to showcase his commitment to the candidacy and the American people. This gesture allowed him to gain momentum over Trump and challenge his rival on a weakness.

Understand your industry and your closest rivals. What are they failing to do? Can you do it? Can you fill a gap being ignored by certain bloggers? Can you offer something substantial to your readers which your peers can’t provide?

Planning each move of yours is essential as it will be the blueprint your success depends on.

These are the 3 key takeaways you should note while continuing to follow the US Presidential elections.

(Headline Image Source- Deadline/AP)

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