Burn After Writing

Lately, I have been asking myself how can I manage to not fall in a pit of despair? While also trying to be productive. But after some google searching, I found out that I am not alone! Hoorah for collective miseries!

Like for every other thing in my life, I turned to a book for some solace. Burn After Writing by Sharon Jones is the complete opposite of a reflection journal or productivity diary that one expects. It was refreshing, light-hearted, and different to say the least.

Initially published in 2014, this book was aimed as an experiment, a means of trying to take you and your attention away from social media. The purpose of this book was to be brutally and completely honest with yourself. What do you truly feel? There are prompts, blank pages, and exercises to explore you and your innermost thoughts.

The goal of the book is to see who you are when nobody is watching. And as the title says, once you have filled the book with secrets and fears, Burn the book after writing.

Who should get this book?

Get this book if you really want to test your limits, understand your fears, and learn what motivates you. *This book is not a replacement or supplementary to any actual help or support that you may need.

The idea here is to unleash a part of you that you restrain or hide due to socially conditioned norms. And do you like it? The simplicity of this journal is in its singular goal and aim. It doesn’t deter from that nor does it fill the book up with inane quotes or sentiments.

The books is gaining popularity six years later due to the fragile nature of the world currently and an introspection on all our parts to what the future holds. This is definitely recommended for anybody who feels better after writing their thoughts down.

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