3 Golden Rules of Writing

Writing is always considered a basic, generic role that anybody can do at any point in their lives. While it may be somewhat true, some people are more adept at picking up writing as a skill and talent but ALL forms of writing are not for everybody.

If you have decided to pursue writing in any form or genre as an occupation or skill, then it is essential that you understand some basics before you begin. Like every role in the world, writing has golden rules. Golden rules include rules that beginners, experts, and intermediate writers all need to know and remember at all times. These rules come in handy when you are trying to get over a hump.


The mundane reality of our lives is that we have to go do our jobs even on days when we don’t feel like it. But many writers, especially freelancers (yours truly included) consider writing as a hobby or art and wait for ‘INSPIRATION’ to strike. Unfortunately for you and the capitalist world we live in, bills don’t wait for inspiration or that moment of pure clarity.

If writing in any form is your primary source of income, treat it like a job. Do not wait for inspiration to show up every day. Sit in front of your laptop spewing words till they make sense. That is the ONLY way you will ever get any work done. Creative writing, scriptwriting, or novel writing allows for some leeway and space yet you have to foremost treat it like a regular job with regular hours.

I have mentioned it before and will do so again because I see so many writers falling into this trap. WRITE EVERYDAY LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. THIS IS YOUR JOB AND LIVELIHOOD. SHOWING UP IS HALF THE BATTLE WON.


As a writer, you will constantly need to be updated and aware of news, trends, situations, and scenarios. You need to know what is happening with the world to include it in your blogs, novels, books, stories, or scripts. The easiest way to do this is to read the news or stay updated on social media. The difficult route is reading books, asking questions, immersing yourself in the experience of learning something new. It is a challenge as it implies that you will forever be a student, forever on your toes, and always learning something new and fascinating.

If that doesn’t pique your interest, then you may have difficulty being a writer. Journalists, writers, bloggers, creators, scriptwriters, and entrepreneurs understand the value and importance of research and preparation. It is the commitment and dedication that will distinguish between an excellent writer and a mediocre one.


Whether you work best in a last-minute panic or prefer working days in advance, learn to respect a deadline. Ideally, submit your work BEFORE a deadline if possible since that gives you time to make any changes or edits.

I have seen several writers fail to respect or remember deadlines and lose on good quality projects simply because they were poorly organized or relied on ‘creativity’ or ‘inspiration.’ In some roles, deadlines can be negotiated if research or interviews do not fall in the schedule. However, when the sole responsibility is on you to create content before a deadline, the most professional thing to do is to stick to it as well as you can.

Personally, I find myself working better and sticking to a schedule if I have a deadline coming up as I understand that another person is reliant on me and my work. It also reminds me of the trust and belief the client has placed in me and their respect which I need to return by following the deadline.

That’s it, the 3 golden rules of writing. Actually these 3 golden rules are applicable to any other occupation as well but since we are about writing here, it’s best to stick to the basics! Hope you liked this post. Do leave a comment or a message if you want me to post anything particular.

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