How To Write When You Feel Stuck

Holiday season is upon us and with 2020 being a doozy of a year all of us need a good, long break to recover and recuperate. But before we can bid adieu to the storm, we need to finish our projects and work which always feel extra annoying in December. The mood is light and the festivity makes it harder to concentrate.

So how does one write when you feel stuck or uninspired? How can you draw creativity in moments that you feel blank and can only think of your holiday? Fear not, I have some handy and useful tips to try for creators and writers.


Use your reluctance as a chance to reflect on your past work. Go through old projects, drafts, emails, or notes. This will help you understand your journey and often you will find several other ideas or notes among your files that can help you at present. Analyzing your past work also empowers you in reflecting on how far you have come and how you have improved on your skills. This is a great tool for the days you feel low and dull. I always save my projects digitally and physically so I have them ready to be read or analyzed later if need be.


Reduce the size of your goal. Sometimes we are so obsessed and scared about the project that it can affect our ability to create. Especially in December with the entire world taking a holiday, CoVID being a reality, and the grueling loneliness of the year hitting us, we can feel overwhelmed. Instead, reduce the size of your goal. If you are tasked with writing a 2000 word article, write 200 words at first. Read, review, edit, and continue ahead only if you are satisfied with the 200 words. Setting smaller, achievable goals can boost your confidence and make you feel productive. This energizes you and can inspire you to be creative and engage positively with your work.

Sometimes all we need is a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives


There is a reason you feel stuck and overwhelmed.


If this year has taught us anything then it is that we should be grateful, we should savor each moment, and we should believe and cherish ourselves.

Your body and brain signal to you in several manners what they need. Feeling stuck, uninspired, or not creative can mean your brain and mind are in need of a break and a rest.

It is like booting a computer back up when it starts to glitch.

If you can afford to, and are able to then TAKE A BREAK. Let your mind rest. Nap, read, write, doodle, travel, dance, sing, eat, run, or do whatever you wish. Use this time wisely to not worry or stress. Focus on embracing the rest and peace as you deserve. This year has been hard and we all need something to look forward to.

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