Top 5 Tips to Start Writing

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What’s the most difficult thing about being a writer? It’s the writing definitely. You feel as if you have a mountain to climb, marathons to run, and impossible goals to achieve. I relate! I am a full-time student, writer, researcher, and entrepreneur. I understand how much motivation and energy one can need to actually start writing.

I write about 3000-4000 words every day and trust me, it is super difficult. I had to struggle a lot and find my way to reach this position. This is why I want to give a blueprint so new writers, learners, or anybody wanting to write can do their best. I hope these tips can be of some help to you and assist you in achieving your writing goals.

BE REALISTIC- Setting goals like ‘Write 3000 words a day’ is not really going to help anybody. Start small and realistic. Use goals like ‘Write for 30 minutes’ or ‘Write 200 words’ before you take a break. Putting pressure by creating huge goals can deflect our energy and in fact, discourage many writers and creators. Some people can get challenged but most of us feel the overwhelming pressure and give up completely. Instead set SMALL but achievable goals and you will feel that burst of creativity comes through.

WRITE EVERY DAY Sadly there is no answer to writing except WRITING. Write every day. It can be gibberish, it can be rough but just write. Push through the initial stress and anxiety. Get in the flow and write as much as you can. Depending on your schedule and preferences, take a break every week. I prefer not to write on the weekends but when project deadlines are looming, I really don’t have a choice but to buckle up.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF- The bane of a creative mind is it that it gets easily distracted and bored. As a writer, I like to challenge myself with writing prompts, workshops, or ideas. I test my abilities by writing something new as often as I can. Usually writers work best writing what they know but for personal growth, it is important to push yourself and try new things.

READ- The best writers make the best readers. Read articles, read books, read papers, read whatever you can get your hands on. Reading unlocks your imagination and creativity by making you wonder about what other stories lie out there. You also understand your competition, the current world, and what your readers want. There are no bad books out there, so just get reading.

FIND A PARTNER- Sometimes having someone accountable can allow you to work harder and improve on your work. Find a partner who can read your work or provide constructive advice. There is a burgeoning community of writers on social media eager to help each other. You can write to me for any assistance, tips, or queries and I would be delighted to help you grow as a writer.

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  1. Aparna Tripathi Avatar
    Aparna Tripathi

    Wow Thank you so much for this article and tips it inspired 😃


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