Constantly trying to create relevant content can be mentally exhausting. You have to come up with fresh and new blog ideas and posts to entertain your audiences. To nudge you in the right direction, I have compiled a comprehensive list of 50 brilliant ideas for your next blog post.

These are specific suggestions and ideas that you can customize or mold according to your needs, blog, and industry. Happy writing!

Simple, and relevant blog posts are guaranteed to drive amazing traffic to your website.
  • PRODUCT REVIEW- Review the product/service relevant to your industry and blog.
  • INTERVIEW- Ask an industry expert, colleague, mentor, or fellow blogger to share their experience or ideas on your blog. You can even shoot a video if you are confident in your shooting skills.
  • PHOTO COMPILATION- Sometimes images can brighten up your blog. Try shooting a series or different images to attract new readers and audiences to your blog.
  • BEST OF- Compile the ‘best of’ for any category or genre you prefer in your blog. Movie reviewers usually do ‘The Best Movies of 2019’ to rehash old content in a new form.
  • COLLABORATION- Partner with similar minded creators or bloggers to engage new customers and consumers. Writers can collaborate with illustrators or other writers to create a series of posts or videos.
  • VLOG- There is no limit to the way content can be consumed. Publish a vlog instead of a written post so your readers find it intriguing and interesting every time they visit your website.
  • WORST OF- Similar to the ‘Best of’, you can also do a ‘Worst of.’ Sharing your personal opinions on products that failed or don’t work effectively can provide real reviews to users and consumers.
  • INDUSTRY PROFILE– Crafting an industry profile on a celebrity, successful professional or entrepreneur in your field/industry is a great way to keep up with trends.
  • HOW TO- Often used in DIY and Beauty blogs, How to posts answer basic questions and are really popular with readers of all ages and groups.
  • SHARE YOUR STORY- How did you get your start? What made you choose this career? Your journey to the position you are in today.
  • GUIDE- Write a complete and intensive guide about a topic in your industry and publish it in parts.
  • PEER SUPPORT- Talk about your peers, competitors, and colleagues. Share their stories, blogs, and how their passion has shaped and affected you.
  • DAILY PROMPTS- Blogs about writing or creative writing can use daily prompts to motivate other writers and readers. Ask your consumers to read the blogs of fellow readers or bloggers to get ideas.
  • CONTEST- Do you want to gain more followers? Has a brand approached you with a product to promote? Host a contest with a goal and end result in mind.
  • PERSONAL GOALS- Show your readers your personal side, list your goals, and plan for the next one year or five years. Involving your readers in your personal life can create a deeper and meaningful connection for your brand.
  • ADVICE-Collate the best advice you have received, read, or heard and share it with your followers. It can be generic or industry specific.
  • NEWS- Some news and events are too big for any industry to ignore. Like CoVID-19 affected the majority of the world, use that and relate it to your industry, country, and city.
  • CHALLENGES- How is the industry going to adapt to challenges or the future? How do you want to pivot in the face of hardship? Suggest a strategy or proposal for your readers to tackle challenges in their professions and lives.
  • Q&A- Readers like to know that you are listening and valuing their comments and questions. Collate the regular questions or comments that you receive and answer them in a post or vlog.
  • FAILURE- Talking about success is very easy, it is the failures we should all be aware of. Write down some of your failed projects, botched jobs, and mistakes so beginners and learners can be involved in positive learning lessons from you.
  • EDUCATION- Highlight college courses or degrees that can benefit people in your field.
  • SKILLS- Provide a list of skills that readers can have with or without a degree and their relevance in your industry and field.
  • UPSKILL- One should be consistently improving and polishing their skills. Offer resources and ideas for readers to upskill or improve upon their already existent knowledge.
  • TEACHING MOMENT- Draw from your education and indicate teachers, courses, and colleges that were helpful for you. You could even interview your teachers or teachers in the industry at present.
  • WHAT NEXT- What’s next is a great way to look at expansion and broadening your horizons. How can an entrepreneur or creator grow their brand positively? Draw a blueprint that your readers can use to enhance their future and grow in the right direction.
  • LIST- ’30 THINGS I WOULD TELL MY 18 YEAR OLD SELF’ OR ’50 NEW BLOG IDEAS’ is a fun way to attract readers and keep them entertained.
  • MOVIES- Using successful movies to relate to your industry is an interesting tool to capture your reader’s attention. I recently wrote a blog about what lessons marketers can learn from Wonder Woman.
  • CONTROVERSY- Pick a controversial topic about your industry and share your response.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY- Hand your readers and followers a rough social media strategy to grow and increase their brand/website/business.
  • PODCAST- Put together a list of the best podcasts about your industry.
  • SPEECHES- Make a list of best motivational speeches by celebrities, entrepreneurs, or industry experts.
  • TALKS- Give links or videos of TED talks, conference talks, or workshops for readers to gain an insight into your industry.
  • BOOKS- Suggest best books, papers, or journals your readers should read to progress in the industry and develop their skills.
  • RESEARCH- Use industry research or journal articles to point out trends, ideas, and new developments in your industry
  • APPS- What apps or tools do you use for work or personal improvements? Let your readers know so they can use them for their benefit.
  • HISTORY OF THE INDUSTRY- Write how your industry has progressed or changed over the years. You can even use archived photos to make it visually appealing.
  • DEBATE- Invite two industry experts with differing opinions to have a healthy debate about the topic or ideas.
  • HOT SPOTS- Best cities, countries, and companies for your industry or readers.
  • JOBS- Share resources of companies looking for candidates. This indicates an investment in the future of your readers.
  • TIPS- You can also offer helpful tips and ideas for job interviews, pitches, narration, or project proposals.
  • DO’S & DON’TS- Highlight the risks, opportunities, and obstacles for newcomers and beginners in your industry. Alert them about possible mistakes or missteps that could harm their brand and business.
  • TEMPLATES- People want to be given the answers and templates are the easiest way to do so. Create or link to templates that work for people in your industry and profession
  • WORKFLOW PROCESS- As a writer, I am always fascinated by how other writers or prominent authors write and create. Similarly your readers will like to know about your workflow process, your habits, and how you improve productivity.
  • BREAKING MYTHS- Break down myths or notions about the industry and the profession.
  • NETWORKING- Help your readers build social skills and generate the ability to manage relationships effectively.
  • CASE STUDY- Use your experience or talk about successful brands as case studies for your industry and its development.
  • COMMANDMENTS- What are the 10 commandments of your industry that are commonly known or not known?
  • JARGON- A blog post listing acronyms, terms, and words commonly used and referred to in your industry, country, and field.
  • HEALTH- Comment or review the health of your brand, industry, and even the people as a way to reflect and learn.
  • TEAM STUDY- If you work with a team, discuss why you hired them or chose to work with them. Promote their work and skills so readers can know what future employers may be looking for.

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