Pivot: A strategy for creators in the post-COVID world

2020 has affected the arts and culture sector massively. Global economic and job losses range up to billions of dollars. The fragile ecosystem of freelancing, informal employment, gig economies, and project structures has been badly shaken. There is an urgent need to address and fix those issues. How can creators tackle the future? How can they pivot? How can they ensure they remain relevant?

Below is a limited yet exclusive guide for creators and cultural entrepreneurs to understand how to Pivot, a way to adapt in a post-COVID world where creating and entrepreneurship have varied meanings. The file is free for download can be shared with other cultural entrepreneurs, creators, artists, and bloggers for understanding the situation and figuring a blueprint to evolve.

In this guide, I chart out ideas, information, and steps for writers, creators, and cultural entrepreneurs to comprehend what lies ahead. How can they meet with challenges thrown by the global pandemic? Can they survive? Can they do more than just survive?

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