Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

With schools shutting down and kids being homeschooled this year, many parents are struggling to keep their kids occupied and entertained.

Parents who work full-time are finding it a challenge to channel their kid’s energy and creativity effectively. A lot of the activities that kids used to do previously such as art, swimming, dancing, language etc. have been limited to the virtual world now. So when a friend asked me to give some creative writing exercises for her kid, I thought that’s such a great idea. Creative Writing is a skill you can teach your kid at any age and in any language. It fosters a sense of creativity, out of the box thinking, and imagination. It also lets kids be.

I coach kids from time to time on their grammar skills and communication so it is heartening to teach them creative writing basics and ideas that they can use to become storytellers in their own right.

These Creative Writing prompts were written for kids aged 7-12 so feel free to download them and use for your kid or students. Just a suggestion, after the completion of the exercise, don’t use words like ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ unless its a spelling or grammatical error. All stories are worth sharing and worth being written.

Most of the exercises rely on ‘favorites‘, I use that to connect positively to students and children. Let them feel free to create as they want, the goal is to encourage them to be artistic and creative. If they don’t have pets or access to television, films, then you can alter those exercises to be ‘A conversation with a bird/cheetah/animal’ or ‘Rewrite your favorite song or poem‘. Kids are very intuitive and they pick up on nuances most of us aren’t even aware of.

Do drop in a comment or suggestion if you are an educator, parent, or guardian. Hope you find these prompts helpful!

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