The 7 Best Screenwriting Websites in 2020

It can be nearly impossible to forge a career in screenwriting. The film and television industry is a global paradox, one that thrives on chaos. As a writer, you need to have the skills to survive and thrive. Books and courses are the best way to learn but since its 2020, we turn our attention to some screenwriting websites. These have the best tips to offer about writing, pitching, networking, and getting noticed.

All these websites are specifically based in Hollywood but the techniques and skills you learn can be applied anywhere in the world.

Screenwriting is a technical science that needs to be learned and practiced

Internet Movie Script Database-

For people who want to learn film making, directing, scriptwriting, or screenwriting, it is essential to read real scripts. This gives you a window into how the industry works, what styles are possible and relevant, how to improve your craft and engage with the medium. Reading professionally written and feature film scripts, and absorbing them is an amazing way to educate yourself. It also allows you a sneak peek into the minds of successful writers and their style of working. The Internet Movie Script Database has thousands of scripts available for you to read and download for free. You can also TV transcripts and scripts in international languages.

The Black List-

The internet has changed how traditional scriptwriting, pitching, and networking worked. You no longer need to move to another city or country to pitch ideas or network with producers. The Black List is a members-only website where you can upload your script for a fee and get noticed, ranked, and even purchased. They release an annual list of most-liked unproduced screenplays. Industry experts including producers, directors, agents, actors, and creatives can also sign up and search for scripts and stories. This is a wonderful way to connect with real professionals in Hollywood. Readers can also access your script, vote for it, and give reviews.

Reddit Screenwriting-

Before you roll your eyes at me, hear me out. Reddit is a massive community of people sharing ideas, content, and stories. The Reddit for Screenwriting has 800,000 people posting about opportunities, pitches, and other industry-related news. There are discussions about outlines, plot lines, synopsis, writing styles, podcasts, interviews, and articles. You can learn so much by just browsing through the posts. It is also an excellent opportunity to collaborate and meet other writers and creative professionals.

Reddit Screenwriting also acts as your personal news source where you can find information, specific research, and topics that interest you. Writers engage in debates, ask for advice,and even share their personal experiences.

Use these websites to know technical aspects, jargon, and industry trends

The Bitter Script Reader-

A Script Reader is the person whose job is to read, review, and rate scripts at a production house. From personal experience I can say that this position doesn’t exist in Bollywood. But Hollywood has it so it becomes the Script Reader’s job to evaluate which scripts are worthy and which go straight to the trash bin. They are the first person to read your script and know its value.

That’s why The Bitter Script Reader is such a valuable resource. It is a blog written by an anonymous Script Reader working for the past decade in Hollywood. The blog is designed for screenwriters to avoid common mistakes, traps, and tips to make their scripts stand out. Writers can find bundles of inspiration, character studies, script dissections, and reviews of tropes and genres. The Bitter Script Reader is honest, brutal, and eager to read excellent writing, genre no bar.

A perfect site for beginners, amateurs, and anybody interested in learning the basics of screenwriting. breaks down technical concepts, writing styles, genres, and techniques for writers. The forum is a really vital source of information and allows you to feel a sense of community and belonging. I personally love the vast range of information and ideas available on this site. You can learn about pay structure, writing techniques, and script breakdowns all at the same website. If you are a beginner, this is the first site you should bookmark and visit.

Script Reader Pro-

Writers are their worst critics. So you need an unbiased set of eyes giving you opinion and feedback on your scripts and stories. It preferably shouldn’t be your partner or friend, unless they are in the industry or qualified. Script Reader Pro provides industry feedback, guidance, and suggestions on your script. You have to pay a reasonable fee to get your script reviewed and read. They also offer editing and drafting services. So, if you have a first draft and need a professional review and polish then go for Script Reader Pro. Their feedback is constructive and specific so you know what things you need to work on and improve in your script. Writers can seek mentorship, rewriting services, find blogs, and ideas to help their screenwriting skills.

You can use these websites to get professional feedback, and editing services for your script

Flying Wrestler-

10/10 just for the super cool name. Flying Wrestler is written by award-winning writer and producer Erik Bork. The writer handles real issues that several screenwriters face, discusses shows and movies, and offers audio classes. You can also hire him for coaching and mentoring services. The blog is a repository of super useful information, industry news, and techniques. It is also personable and has discussions that you can use to learn about the craft and the industry. You can also subscribe to the Ten Key Principles which are definitely a must for any screenwriter to know.

Well, that’s a wrap! These 7 screenwriting websites offer the best resources for screenwriters and scriptwriters in 2020. Go ahead, book mark them all!

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